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it posted its best quarter ever in north america. ford earned 41 cents a share, four cents more than estimates. revenues revved up 10% thanks to the rollout of all models. earlier today i talked with ford's chief financial officer and asked him what ford has to do to keep that sales momentum up for the rest of the year. >> i think we have to do what we've been doing, our business is a product business. and i think we've got great products that we have just introduced, we have more coming this year. we are managing the cost of the business well, keeping our production in line with demand and working the top line. i think we continue doing that. >> bob, why all the demand for these cars? is it because ford is making better cars? or is it that people just need new ones given that the age of the vehicles on the road are so old? >> yeah, that's a very important point, suzie. there is a strong replacement demand element behind the industry growth in north america. and certainly that's part of the story. but clearly the consumers are responding to the product that is we have out there. a lo
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that are in north america, europe, japan, china. and it varies based on the automaker. i want to show you the breakdown here. most of the recalls are from toyota and honda. in fact, more than one million of those cars that are recalled are each of those companies. at toyota they include the corolla, sequoia, tundra, lexus se 430. and with toyota it's a one-two punch. it's really bad timing. toyota is just coming off a recall of 7 million vehicles last year. 8 million between 2009 and 2010. here's the issue with this recall. the passenger air bag can deploy with too much pressure. and let me break down to you what this means. what happens is the pressure causes one plastic part, the inflater, it's casing can actually burst sending pieces flying. now, honda, toyota, nissan and mazda, they all use the same japanese manufacturer. now, the stock in fact is closed down today 9% on this news. no injuries or deaths have been reported, but there have been several crashes. such a wide reaching recall, it can hit confidence. we saw this after toyota's recalls in 2009 and 2010, but it recovered. as f
and north america and at home and the challenge for the president is going to be to resist meof t pullf the urgent every kay every day and focus at home and focus in asia and get the balance right, that is what strategy is about. >> rose: we conclude this evening with ali babacan, he is the deputy prime minister of turkey. >> turkey and israel relations are very important for the whole region, because the region itself is going through a historical transformation process, like egypt, tunisia, yemen are trying to change, and also syria is in a very, very difficult situation. >> and the last thi that you would nt to see in the region is the turkish and israel relations getting worse. >> rose: american foreign policy, and turkish foreign policy when we continue. >> funding for charlie rose was provided by the following. >> rose: additional funding provided by these funders. n't and by bloomberg, a provider of multimedia news and information services worldwide. >> from our studios in new york city, this is charlie rose. >> rose: richard haass is here, she the president of the council on for
in north america. we hear examples of ships sailed in the afternoon and events that evening. it's our goal, and elaine said we had very conservative estimates and assumptions in our modeling. as we get in there operating we will try to maximize the turn-around as we can. we would like to have that, after the ship sails at 4 p.m. and work like heck and get it turned around and make more revenue. >> my back of the napkin calculation, it looks like we will make more revenue from the events than the capacity security charge. >> my own goal is to have as many ships as we can. and to be open at 365. >> along that line, how far in the advance do the cruise lines notify us they are coming? that's a problem for event planners. >> the good news is that we have 90% of the calls booked at least a year in advance. we are getting our calls for 2014. and those bookings look strong, near record-levels for passengers. and there are changes due to weather or whatever. but generally speaking we know well in advance to plan around when ships are coming into san francisco. >> and it's my understanding from the
's the largest supply in north america, which to make for a large problem if you get stuck. >> it's broke and i him in the middle zipleaning. >> so what do you do? there is so much coming. see who does come ziping down after him. >>> and the cutest mugshot you will ever see. >> this is a mugshot you could just hang on the wall. >> now, hear from the mom who frames the new why are 8 million people sleeping better tonight? they went to a sleep number store. the only place in the world you'll find the sleep number bed, with dual air technology. it allows each of you to adjust to the support your body needs. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide, where queen mattresses start at just $699. and for those who sleep hot or cool, now s$5our temperature-balancing memory foam bed set. sleep number. comfort. individualized. out "right this" you can check out today's videos and more all day long. >>> you want the sensation of flying and you don't want to ydis pbably clost you will be able to get. this is in whistler, british columbia. this particular zipline is pa
be relevant and actually do more in north america, if you add up mexico, united states and canada you are talking about 450 million people and tau ago about what could be the super, energy superpower of the world and think about that at that 2.0 and that at that nafta. >> that is a big idea and that is something the united states could focus on .. >> rose: how does the president lead that idea? >> i hope one thing he initiated which is this new u.s. european new trade agreement, why not make canada and mexico part of it and not make it a north america-eu trade agreement, it is hard to say what is made in canada as opposed to in the u.s. because of the so-called supply chains, like probably something that is sold here might be 40 percent of the content comes from mexico, so increasingly we are going to have to think of ourselves as an integrated economic zone but given what is going on with energy and lawyer and immigration reform i would take, if i were advising the president i would say big north america initiative, continue your pivot to asia, be wary of the getting more involved in
this commercial construction market here in north america recovers. >> we have been big fans of sherwin williams. i did not know, this gives you more of a national footprint than you've had before this. >> yes, we have been, especially in our company-owned stores business, we have been a relatively regional player in the u.s. market. now with this akzo acquisition, we'll pick up a no. 1 position in canada and we'll pick up an additional 300 company-owned stores here in the u.s. so we'll get much more of a national footprint rather than being a regional player here in this mark, jim. >> with the changes in your commodity business in the offloading, you have 900 million in cash. you've got nonrecurring gain of 2.2 billion. you have already taken in 7% of the stock outstanding. what is the right thing to do with the rest of the cash that you have? >> well, we're going to take a blensd approach to our cash deployment as we always have. we just bumped the dividend 2 cents a share here last week with our earnings announcement here and we think that the capital spending, especially with our specially c
. the notion that the pipe line in north america will change gasoline prices will be pure fantasy. we'll only get cheap gas with a strong dollar. >> talk about jobs. everybody is focused there. the way to get it is energy production in the u.s. though? >> the way to get sustainable jobs is private investment. the key stone pipe line is private market dollars and not government dollars and that is how you create job growth in the long-term. it is not government creating temporary jobs. i will bullish on what it would do for jobs in this counselry. our country is awash in cash . businesses are not investing it because they are stymed by the government. >> rich, i saved you from the last. you know how extraordinary the job production is. by the way, students looking for jobs are starting to look right now. they can make 26 dollars an hour in north dakota dack? >> i am from dack and they are paying ever bey to mcdonald franchise to compete with oil field labor. >> wow. >> but the keystone pipe line. rick cited 20,000 jobs. but it is a 10-x factor and numerous groups studied this . the thing about
're the green tech capital of north america and the number one for green jobs according to the best magazines and we're also rated highly for losing weight. in the case of san francisco i believe we're so burglarized. the progress of our city is no accident. indeed we're vital, we're strong city because of the fiscally responsible direction we've teen, deliberate choice we've made to attract people into our city. whether it's a reform of our housing or infrastructure on the significant challenges we've faced we put the people's priorities head of city hall. and on this course my fellow san franciscans i believe with all my heart we must continue were while these truths have never been self-evident we have to speak of our freedom. the same is our commit to continue the path of progress that we're on today. yet the worse of economic times are behind us we cannot relent to our commit with fiscal prudence with our taxpayers' money. we must not be distracted and retreat from making smart investments in our people in our neighborhood and in our infrastructure. i know that some maybe told me in bett
the south. 35 in manila on friday. now in north america severe weather is still continuing across the florida peninsula. we're talking about severe thunderstorms, gusty winds and hail and even the risk of tornadoes. now most of the florida peninsula will get improved. however the southern tip will remain quite unsettled into your friday. now the storm is expected to move along the eastern seaboard while producing heavy rain and snow showers for the appalachians. out toward the west a new system is drifting over the north western part of u.s. as well as the western canada producing rain for the coast and heavy mountain snow. here are your highs mild across the west. 22 in los angeles and 22 in denver. the eastern seaboard will see a warm up. 16 in washington, d.c. it will go up even more as we head into next week. that could enhance the blooming of cherry blossoms in d.c. wet, chilly. to the north very chilly as we have been reporting. i want to show video out of germany. temperatures remain in near freezing in much of germany. they have been turning around. they are waiting for be
. now in north america it's mostly tranquil, but there are a couple things to talk about. the risk of severe weather will continue into the east coast of the carolinas. and rain is intensifying over the southern plains into your friday. hail and gusty winds are also expected. towards the north, temperatures are warming up. 12 degrees in winnipeg and 19 in bismarck, north dakota. flooding is going to be a risk along the red river valley. across the east, lots of sunshine on the northeast. finally, in europe, then, we can see the comma shaped clouds over here. underneath it, heavy rain and thunderstorms. in algeria, more than 80 millimeters has been reported. it looks like the system will move to the north slowly. heavy rain thunderstorms and hail likely across the western peninsula. parts of france, and italy will be targeted by a duststorm due to strong winds. toward the north then we have a cold front swinging through. that's going to produce cool down temperatures, for example in london, 12 degrees, ahead of the system warming up to 22 in berlin and 28 in vienna. but those temper
including china are suggesting that they would like to have their north america head quarters here in san francisco and we have five of the larger solar companies here and they are looking at mission bay and thes point to locate some bio-- some clean tech and biotech chem companies and inc., baiters that would start the same thing that we did in mission bay and by-the-way, we also have ideas to create mission bay too if you have not heard about it already to income and work on the foundation of the success of mission bay that is now filling out there rapidly >>> as something that i do not want to put you on the spot about here, san francisco did for the america's cup, the clear message was city taxpayers are not going to get the guardianship and private is going to take care of all of the city's costs which are 30 million and change. it's [inaudible] isn't going to do the job fundraisers do their thing and -- [inaudible] [inaudible] and so if san francisco taxpayers do he wanted up getting suck with the bill for 15 million-dollar or more the intft so huge that -- [inaudible] . >> i s
challenge now is continuing to find ways to grow particularly in north america and in europe. so in europe the opportunity to find distressed hotels and convert them to our brands. and in north america in particular, even though interest rates are low, construction lending has been almost non-existent. and what that means is hotel supply in the u.s. for example is very tight. occupancies, even though we are still relatively early in the recovery are very high. what we need to do is see construction lending become unleashed so we can start to meet some of that demand and build some hotels, which by the way will create jobs, both in the construction as well as the operation of those properties. > > nice to have you here and best of success to you. trader andrew keene, president of joins us now for a closer look at alcoa which comes out with earnings and leads off that earnings parade. good morning to you and happy monday andrew. > > good morning angie. > > so what do you see in the charts for alcoa? > > unfortunately its nothing good. everytime i look at a chart and ever
much in investment mode. take a look at what they have done in north america. look at what the segment operating margin in north america did yesterday. it came in at 4.9%. it was a nice uptick. i also really liked what i saw on the gross margin line. of 260 basis points. right now, that is a great spot for the company. it is keeping its membership base happy and monitor rising as well. i do think that mid- single-digit margins are the nice reasonable number for the company over the next couple of years. liz: amazon continuing to say we are expanding. we are pumping up our employee numbers. that brings me to alan. going to yield brick-and-mortar store. that is walmart. why are you on t walmart versus amazon? >> it is not a matter of management at all. i think both management teams are great. we are not as adamant as we were two months ago when amazon was hitting 284, an all-time high. walmart was in the 60s. if you had to pick one, you know, i would pick walmart, mainly because of what you see today with amazon. it is down 25-30 points from its high. the numbers were not that bad. it is
and the pipeline infrastructure that we have in north america, clearly this pipeline is part of that system. we think it's important for all of us as north americans, because it will bring a sizeable amount of new supplies not only from the oil sands to the united states, but also a sizeable amount of the new supplies from the bakken formation in north dakota to the united states' great refining centers. we're seeing divergent views about the project's impact, the benefits that it will bring, and the weight that should be given to the needs of the environment and the economy. and the supposed costs of tilting towards one or the other. for the most part, i consider this conversation to be a healthy and a very worthwhile process. at the end of the day, as citizens in our countries, we all need to be part of the decision-making process, and we have to make sure that governments that are making decisions and leading responsible change can do it with the social license to operate. and we only get that from the people that we represent. but, to be honest, one of the reasons that i wanted to come this
, especially ireland. and the scandinavian pennsylvania pst la. and madrid, 24 degrees. moving to north america, winter in the north and spring towards the south. typical pattern through this year. but we've seen quite heavy amounts of snow. this is quite unseasonable. colorado, you've seen 72 centimeters in the past 24 hours likely to continue in the next 24 with intense amounts of snowfall. about 50 centimeters are locally possible in the upper midwest down to the four corners region. below that, south of that freezing rain will make life very difficult and south of that, severe weather is likely. we cannot rule out there are possibilities of unleashing tornadoes and hail and numerous reports of hail and it will likely continue. damaging winds as well. new york, 16 degrees, oklahoma city is down to 13 degrees. but denver, a little bit of a milder temperature compared to yesterday we had minus 2 degrees. in the positive really. los angeles, 27. mexico city, already in the 30s. in asia, we're looking at heavy rain across the peninsula and southern and china peninsula. it has been an ongoing sto
degrees. madrid some light temperature at 27 degrees. moving onto north america, it's winter in the north and spring down towards the south. typical pattern through this year, but we've seen quite some heavy amounts of snow. this is quite unseasonable. colorado you've seen 72 centineaters many the past 24 hours. that's likely to continue with skbens noefl. that freezing rain will make traveling very difficult. we cannot rule out the fact there are possibilities of you think leashing tornadoes, hail yet again. that will continue and damaging winds and heavy rain as well. the temperatures are shaping up like this. new york at 16 degrees. oklahoma is down to 13 degrees. denver a bit of milder temperatures than what we compare from yesterday. here across asia we're looking at heavy rain. it has been an ongoing story for a week and for the flooding risk is high. it's going to be high due to the amount of rain that's pouring here in south eastern areas. that's going to continue into the weekend. things are pretty dry and we look tarts, tokyo 22. seoul at 16 for today. that's going to be droppin
. very hot rain. 36 degrees on tuesday. finally in north america showers are easing across the north eastern part of the u.s. but very unstable across eastern canada. additional 25 centimeters of snow is unlikely. again dry weather across the north eastern u.s. but strong winds are creating some lake effect snow across the east coast. towards the south severe weather is ongoing across the southern plains. even tornadoes cannot be ruled out as we head into tuesday. here are your highs. very chilly in oklahoma city. 8 degrees. across the eastern seaboard a cool down once again. 8 degrees in new york city and 11 in washington, d.c. here is the extended forecast. >> that concludes this edition of "newsline." do stay with us. >> lucille clifton grew up in western new york, near buffalo, worked as a government clerk and office assistant. her first book, good times, was rated one of the best books of 1969 by the new york times. lucille clifton, who said, "one should wish to celebrate more than wish to be celebrated." >> won't you celebrate with me what i have shaped into a kind of life? i h
at 9 degrees on friday. we're looking at minus 1 degree on your wednesday high. moving to north america we have winter storms slamming the north. wyoming you had 70 scentimeters. we're talking about 60 centimeters additional snowfall in the higher elevations and 40 even in the valley side. that's going to cause some major travel disturbances yet again and down underneath that, freezing rein is also going to be very dangerous for your driving conditions. and towards the south, due to the two air masses colliding, this collision is going to be creating some severe weather. we're talking about really large hail, 4 centimeters in die am ter, about a walnut size. tornados cannot be ruled out. that's moving towards the east. but do watch out if you're in those vicinities. you can see that pink popping up. denver, minus one. look at that. here's your extended forecast. >>> and that is all for this edition of news heine. i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
1 degree on your wednesday high. now, moving to north america, we have winter storms slamming the north. north dakota, 70 centimeters, wyoming, 70 centimeters. that's not going to be improving. we have another round of heavy snow across the four corners and upper west region, talking 60 centimeters additional snowfall in higher elevations and the valley side. that will cause major travel disturbances yet again. underneath that freezing rain and very dangerous for driving conditions. towards the south, due to the two air mass colliding, this collision will be creating severe weather talking large hail in the size of 4 centimeters in diameter, about a walnut size that could do damage. tornadoes cannot be ruled out. there will be active thunderstorms there as well. that's going to shift towards the east. watch out if you're in those vicinities. you can see the pink popping up, heavy rain and sun and bursts of showers might happen. denver, minus 1, and you can see it meandering down to the south hence the collision and severe thunderstorms. here's your extended forecast. >>> that'
and these advances aren't unique to north america. they're spreading all over the globe, and who's spearheading this transformation? who represents the vanguard of the oil revolution and its intellectual property? easy. that's core labs. clb. i like to think of it as a technology company that happens to be in the oil service business. core's proprietary technology helps oil companies figure out where to drill. it also helps them squeeze more crude out of existing reservoirs. now, core labs got hit hard today, down $3.41, 2.63%. the company just reported a terrific quarter. 7 cent earnings beat off $1.15 basis. revenue coming in higher than expected up 11% year over year. and raising its guidance for next quarter. don't have a lot of companies doing that. i think the stock bounces back and then some tomorrow. typically core labs is one of those stocks that seems to get hit every tile time it reports, though. we've got to figure out exactly what's going on and don't worry if it doesn't go up immediately. i don't know fuel get a post-quarter sell-off this time. it just doesn't seem possible. this
. coach out tomorrow. >> north america's the key. >> coach had an issue last quarter. >> the problem is north america. i think their sales growth was something on the order of 1% for them. that's going to be a problem. they also got a lot of -- of course, they're in the accessories business. there's a lot of competition there. i think the key, i know they're big in japan. the key is going to be able to see if they get some growth in north america. >> we're going to talk to lou frankfort tomorrow, ceo of coach. i'm going to interested to see if he's seen an impact from what's going on in japan. japan such an important market for them. lew frankfort from coach with us tomorrow in that exclusive. what about xerox? >> xerox is really about i.t. and the i.t. slowdown that's out there. ibm is very big in the services business. there was disappointment there. xerox is a bit of a competitor there as well. if xerox starts talking about an i.t. slowdown we've got a real trend, ibm and xerox. ibm is down 10% the last two days. >> that really sizable move. that's going to set the tone for this m
, still, and 22 in tokyo. 17 in seoul. heading over to north america we've got some wintery picture across much of the north. and into ontario. we're going to see a late season winter storm coming your way. down below that, severe thunderstorms are likely. we're not going to be ruling out the chances of tornados. and that system will be sagging, a cold front, that's going to be creating heavy snow across colorado again. denver at 17 degrees. a quick look here in europe, you have the iberian peninsula. spain's looking at some snow. but mainly precipitation across this continent is rain, mixed precipitation will scatter across the scandinavian peninsula. looking warm in london. paris at 16 degrees. here's your extended forecast. >>> and that's all for now on this edition of "newsline." i'm roger pradhan in tokyo. we'll be back at the top of the hour so do stay with us on nhk world. captioning sponsored by macneil/lehrer productions >> ifill: the syri car rages on, as assad's prime minister survives a reported assassination attempt in the heart of damascus. good evening. i'm gwen ifill. >> wo
. >> north korea has been threatening to attack targets in the u.s. and allied countries. >>> america's second largest tv provider has launched a counter bid for sprint nextel. dish network is challenging japan's bank. they have offered over $25 billion in cash and stocks for sprint. that's 13% more than soft bank's proposal. they offered to buy 70% of sprint shares last october for $20 billion. dish's challenge could trigger a bidding war. board members will study the offer carefully. soft bank officials say they are monitoring the competitors move to understand the motive before taking any action. they believe sprint executives agreed to the offer because they they not only did they accept the price but welcomed the strategy to expand mobile services together. >>> a deal could create a free trade zone accounting for nearly one-third of global gross demessiahd domestic products. they held talks in brussels. they will discuss how negotiations should proceed and which sectors they will discuss. japanese officials hope the eu will remove tariffs on autos and home appliances so the compa
ready in their response after a warning from the north. she says that america faces a merciless nuclear attack by north korea's army. isolated, heavily armed north believes that america is itself a nuclear threat. classbook last week, stealth bombers a -- last week, stealth bombers flew missions over the peninsula. north korea cannot put warheads on their missiles but this could have a range of 400 kilometers. that puts u.s., japanese forces at threat in the region. >> our weapons are ready. our military readiness is already high. we are able to manage any possible crisis. >> it is the yarn dictator drive in the crisis. kim jong un is the third in his family dynasty to rule over north korea. the standoff enables him to look tough. he wants to be seen to be defending his people from american aggression. this defector escaped north korea and now lives in the south. he says the north calculates their moves carefully. >> they have done all they can with a verbal threats. now they are cornered into putting those threats into action but i don't believe they will do that because north korea is
warm and nice sunny day. across north america there's a winter storm moving towards the east battering the dakotas. we still have warnings and watches in effect in north dakota and due to the strong winds gusts of 64 kilometer the per hour still likely. and on top of that an additional 45 centimeters of snow. and that could bring some whiteout conditions. if you must travel, please do carry your emergency kit in your car along. that's going to travel towards northeast. but the cold front sagging into the panhandle of texas. we cannot rule out the possibility of tornados. out here in southeast corner, this is another area where we're watching severe thunderstorms. and that includes tornados. we do have a report of a tornado touchdown in florida already. and that's likely to continue. the conditions will be tapering off on your hon, however, it's going to be unstable. and still unstable here across colorado as well with the heavy snow. additional amounts could be about 60 cent meters. denver, we're looking at 4 degrees. 17 here in new york. and washington, d.c. at 19. we're wondering wha
seasonal. 13 degrees on monday. in north america on your easter weekend, lots of things are going on across the east. heavy snow for ontario and quebec. mixture of snow for the mid atlantic region. we have lots of reports of hail and damaging winds in texas and louisiana. the risk of severe weather will last into monday evening. out west you've been on the dry side across the southwest but turning wet, heavy rainshowers for the coastal areas and heavy snow for the mountains. snow could move into the central hours within the next 24 hours. going down to the teens in los angeles but warming up to 18 degrees in seattle. much improvement across the eastern seaboard but tomorrow's going to be a chilly day once again. new york city we're expecting the high reaching only 8 degrees on tuesday. all right. finally in europe then, if you were with us last week we showed some video in the iberian peninsula and we've seen drenching rain here. but dry weather across germany. let's go to some video from germany. while most people send eels ter eating with family, these villagers test their strength outdoo
'll wait to see what kind of influence pope francis has here in north america and south america -- chris: a lot of people think that. >> he's got the social justice end of his catholicism. it will be interesting to see where those meet out. chris: we've got to do a whip around. howard, you get the first question. one to 10, one being happy as hell being of this generation or one, scared as hell? >> i'm happy as hell. >> i think i better be on the record as being happy. >> i'm going to say seven. i'm optimistic. >> i love what the kids are doing. i've been teaching for a while now. they're very impressive. chris: what do you teach? >> i teach journalism at the kuni journal -- for the university of new york. chris: we'll stay late and you can do so more. i'm going to stay on the same side of 10. >> everybody at the huffington post is half my age. chris: and our kids too. a lot of talk about gun control. there are huge divides on that issue. mayor michael bloomberg has clearly met resistance. he's spending millions of his billions to run ads where senators are caught on both sides of the fi
. financial manager kevin orr has been on the job for one week. north america's oldest and one of its biggest auto shows opened to the public this weekend in the big apple. if the car, as one speaker there said, is the original social media device, one of the goals of automakers is to use shows such as the new york international auto show to send the message that driving is fun, sexy and an emotional experience. more than a thousand vehicles can be looked at and sat in. it's all about horse power, hybrids and high hopes that young people will again see the car not merely as a means to get around, but something they want. meanwhile, mercedes is taking a new direction with an electric car powered by tesla motors. the 2014 mercedes b-class electric drive, a small hatchback, will be sold in a few states in the u.s. next year. tesla helped mercedes develop and is manufacturing parts of the electric drive system. the new mercedes motor is the "big announcement" tesla's ceo elon musk hinted at on twitter last week. given up for dead by some analysts, blackberry is back in the black. look at its late
in spring in bangkok again. 36 degrees on tuesday. finally, in north america, showers are easing across the northeastern part of the u.s. but very unstable acongress eastern canada. 25 sent meters of snow is likely in southern quebec. but, again, dry weather across the northeastern u.s. and strong northerly winds are creating some lake-effect snow. here are your highs. mild toward the south. meanwhile very chilly in oklahoma city, 8 decrees. across the eastern seaboard, a cool down. 11 in washington d.c. here's your extended forecast. >>> and that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm kathryn kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
resources in for the shell supply as our shell energy north america proposed contract allows us to do. we also anticipate including a number of other program elements and activities. and those show up on the slide 30. just to review them quickly, we will have net energy metering rates for top scale solar, p v installation, we'll be paying customers for generating on their roof tops but not consuming. we'll be able to purchase from local producers of renewables any extra power they wish to spill, if you will onto the for our program. we anticipate regularly issuing requests for offer for development of larger scale energy efficiency programs and for local and renewable projects. we've talked before about the fact that we have control of quite a bit of land and assets as associated with our water facilities where we could develop larger scale projects that just aren't available to us here in san francisco because we just don't have the landmass, we don't have the the solar availability, the resources as we have in some other properties. so we want to make sure we have those opportunities as
in north america. >> wow. >> and so what i'd really to do is to go to alaska, 'cause there's all these, like, cool birds i haven't seen, like crested auklets and eiders and things like that, and i also want to see the northern lights. it's, like, on my bucket list. it's supposed to be a really good year for them. >> well, i would love to get you to alaska for sure. so and you're on your way. $7,500 so far in your bank. 11 away from $1 million. you have all of your lifelines. so far, so good. are you are you ready to keep playing? >> yes. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] then let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ all right, agnes. tear-filled scenes from what acclaimed tv show are frequently recounted on the new tumblr account, the claire danes cry face project? >> well, i actually watch homeland, and she does a really good job of crying. she's crying a lot. so i'm gonna say "c," homeland, final answer. >> i love homeland so much. it's so great. you got it right. [cheers and applause] let's put some money in that bank of yours. $7,000. up to $14,500. r
2. london is in the single digits. still very much like winter across europe. moving over to north america we still have this spring storm system moving into the east now heading towards florida. that's going to carry severe thunderstorms along with it. we cannot rule out the fact this could ignite some tornadoes. this snow across oklahoma, that's going to dissipate in the next few hours. down towards the new england region especially the tri-state this is where fire weather is in the dangerous level due to the 30% humidity level as well as strong gusts. dry fuel will be making it easy for fire to spread rapidly. new york 12 degrees. washington, d.c. 13. very human warm up here in oklahoma city from 7 yesterday to 15. enjoy that warmth. here across japan we're looking at really sunny skies. very different story from what we saw yesterday from that spring storm and people in southern south korea do enjoy the full bloom of the cherry blossoms. south eastern china we're looking at lingering ongoing heavy rain. additional amounts will be localized areas, 200 millimeters. the same condi
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